Muscle Injury Treatment - The Pathway to Healing

Finding a good muscle injury treatment can be difficult when you have injured your arm or back repeatedly in the past. There are so many things to consider such as going to physical therapy and having cortisone shot, changing your diet, using ergonomic task chairs. One thing that has helped my clients through this website is an exercise regime to target their back and hamstrings. I use a pneumatic rebounder on their back and they enjoy the work out so much.
My muscle injury treatment focuses on rebuilding the damaged tissues by stimulating the repair process through delivery of exogenous small fibroid cells via needle injection, radio frequency and plasmapheresis. These cells are derived from the culture dish and plated onto a support. The culture dish is then incubated for two days and a liquid culture taken from the supportive liquid is used to inject the cells into the damaged tissue.
With this muscle injury treatment by AZ Pain Doctors we use EMA or early mobilization to help reduce inflammation. There are many ways to activate early mobilization and my clients range from weight training, core strength exercises, swimming, cycling and Pilates. Early mobilization is really the process of helping the injured area heal itself. I perform a series of stretches and exercises that incorporate early mobilization techniques. This muscle injury treatment focuses on rebuilding the tissue and helps avoid long term scarring.
Muscles at the end of a collagen fibers are in a state of hyper-tension and are very vulnerable to injury. The body stores energy in these muscles and when the muscle contraction is complete the energy is stored as body fat. The muscles lose mass and can contract once again but this time with much less force. When contraction occurs again the muscle will tighten again creating microtraumas that are felt as sharp pain or soreness in the muscles. In my EMA training we focus on helping the muscles to relax again and therefore reduce the amount of microtraumas.
In addition to the benefits from EMA and early mobilization we also use a natural growth factors supplement to help promote muscle regeneration. This growth factor acts in the same way as a steroid would but instead of acting on the injury site they act on the gene responsible for muscle regeneration. This is done by inhibiting the gene from working properly therefore promoting muscle regeneration.
Muscle injury can be debilitating and difficult to treat but it doesn't have to be. You don't have to have evidence to prove your injury or disfigurement but you do have to have a thorough physical examination. During your physical examination a qualified chiropractor or osteopathic physician should review your history, your symptoms and possible underlying causes for your symptoms. They should also perform an imaging study to rule out any structural or physiological causes of your disfigurement. Once all the details of your injury are reviewed and an exact prognosis is determined for your injured muscle, you can receive the appropriate muscle injury treatment. Visit here for more information:
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